Critane Forest

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Critane Forest

Post by DarkNeko on Tue Mar 18, 2008 9:26 am

Critane forest is dense and dark. It's main purpose is to provide as a guard for the actual Critane City, hidden in it's depths.
The forest is made up of thick trees, with thicker canopies. Barely any light touches the floor of the forest, and any that travel through it are guided by special lights that react to 'Demon Mist' an Aura that surrounds the Demons, their vampire allies can see in the dark, so this does not hinder them.

The forest is also full of many creatures,. Some big, some small. Most of them dangerous. Some of the Demon's use the forest as a training ground, testing their own power and skill by fighting the forest creatures.

At the center of the forest, a black spire is visible. This is the Demon's temple. The temple rests at the very center of their village and it is where they go to pay their respects to the founders of the village.

Spread out in a circle around the temple, lay the houses. The houses towards the outside of the village, the ones near the trees, are the sturdiest. They are the first place of defence incase anything bad happens.

The City of Critane is currently under the rule of a Vampire Prince. He is a descendant of the original founder of the village, King Vicktor.
The City is not only full of Demons, but there are also some Demon/Vampires. The races became mixed when the Founder of the village (A vampire) Forged an alliance with the Demons, and allowed them to stay there.
The majority of the Populous is Demonic. And the rest are part Demon. Part Vampire.

*~I'll add in anything else I can think of later on~*

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