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Simple Rules

Post by Lady Dae on Sat Mar 08, 2008 11:49 pm

These are the simple, yet strict rules of Broken Love Forum for RPG. Please read them carefully. They will be followed by the penetalties if certain rules are broken.

Rule #1

::When creating a character bio, or even the character sheet, please do not reuse a picture a picture that someone already is using. To do so, please look at character bios posted in the Main Board to see who has what picture::

Rule #2

::No text talking when in character form. For example, How r u? None of that please. We are a literate board when it comes to RPG, we will give lessons to NooBs.::

Rule #3

::Spamming will drive anyone crazy. We ask that you do not post spam, or chain letters on the boards or in the Private Messages. For certain reasons, we ask that if a member is sending you spam or chain letters via email or pms please notify me or the other admins/mods and include that member's name. If you spam in the forums, that post will be deleted and you will be on probation. If this continues.... [See bottom for punishment]::

Rule #4

::All curse words must be censored when posting at all times. If you do not censor the word, we will automatically do it for you. That is that.::

Rule #5

::This is a PG 13 forum. If you wish to do anything higher than PG13 please, we beg of you, take it to the pms. What happens in PMs stays in PMs. If it is beginning in a forum, please post ********** for that will tell us that part is in PMs and not for our eyes. [See bottom for punishment for posting that in forums]::

Rule #6

::Everyone hates godmodding. We all know this. So to keep our members happy and everyone sane, please no godmodding. It gets very, very annoying. If for some odd reason you have to godmod for your forum to work, please tell whoever you are rping with via Out of Character (OOC) before doing so.::

Rule #7

::I will not tolerate harrassment of my members. You will automatically be banned for such behavior end of discussion. If someone is harrassing you, contact me or another admin/mod immediately!::

Rule #8

::Admins and Mods are here to keep the board running. If any of them take advantage of the power they have of the board, they will quickly lose it.::

Rule #9

::OOC is for Out of Character if you are going to talk out of character please post "OOC" so we know that you are.::

Rule #10


Love, Lady Dae **



::For every FIRST violation of a rule, you will recieve a warning-- via email or pm.::


::For every SECOND violation of a rule, you will recieve one day suspension and a warning via email or pm::


::Three strikes you're out! For every THIRD violation of a rule, you will be banned from the board. Possible Parole!::

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